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Formfutura ClearScent ABS - White 750g 1,75mm

32,45 € TTC

CleasScent ABS (methylmethacrylate acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) combines good mechanical properties and translucency into a 3D printer filament that is easy to process with limited warping and limited styrene smell. ClearScent ABS exhibits resistance to various chemicals and complies with UL 94 HB flammability standards.

Formfutura TitanX - Dark Blue 750g 1,75mm

34,45 € TTC

TitanX is a high-end engineering filament with ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) as the main component. The formulation of TitanX is enhanced with added polymers, binding agents and impact modifiers resulting in an engineering filament that combines exceptional mechanical properties with optimized interlayer adhesion and virtually no warping. TitanX is used by industries worldwide for creating functional prototypes and end-use parts.

Formfutura MagicFil Thermo PLA - Grey 500g 1,75mm

44,95 € TTC

MagicFil Thermo PLA is based on our EasyFil PLA compound, but with a touch of thermochromic magic added, as MagicFil has a colour changing ability when heated above 29° C. MagicFil’s anthracite grey colour will change into a natural PLA colour when the material reaches a temperature of 29° C or above.

Formfutura ReForm rPET - Black 1Kg 1,75mm

29,95 € TTC

ReForm is a sustainable initiative within Formfutura to efficiently manage residual extrusion waste streams and re-use them into high-end upcycled filaments. The ideology behind ReForm is to a make 3D printing more sustainable – without having to make compromises on material properties – and yet keep it affordable.

Formfutura Premium ABS - Strong Black 1Kg 1,75mm

28,96 € TTC

Premium ABS is our entry-level no-nonsense ABS filament, which is very impact resistant. Even though Premium ABS might be our entry-level ABS filament, it still outperforms many other ABS type of 3D printer filaments by far when it comes to printer friendliness and reduced warping. Premium ABS has a great thermal stability and flowing behaviour, which is essential for 3D printing.

Formfutura Centaur PP - Natural 3,5Kg 1,75mm

160,00 € TTC

Centaur PP is a lightweight and high-performance Polypropylene (PP) filament, which is engineered to have outstanding mechanical properties and a superb interlayer adhesion. Centaur PP combines a unique set of material properties into a 3D printer filament, which makes Centaur PP an extremely diverse and multi-functional material suitable for numerous applications ranging from 3D printing dishwasher proof and microwave safe household articles to functional engineering objects with great endurance properties.

Formfutura StoneFil Pottery Clay 500g 1,75mm

32,95 € TTC

Le filament argile StoneFil Pottery Clay de FormFutura vous permet d'imprimer des objets, maquettes, modèles avec une texture argile similaire à de la poterie. Ce filament argile est composé à 50% de poudre de pierre. Livré en bobine de 500g, disponible en diamètre 1.75mm.

Formfutura Copper3D PLActive Sky Blue 750g 1,75mm

79,95 € TTC

Copper 3D PLActive est un filament d'imprimante 3D nanocomposite innovant développé avec le composé EasyFil PLA de haute qualité éprouvé et un additif de nano-cuivre breveté, scientifiquement validé et très efficace. Le filament PLActive est enregistré auprès de la FDA et élimine plus de 99,99% des champignons, virus, bactéries et une large gamme de micro-organismes.