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xTool D1 10W - Full set

Package includes:
  • 1x xTool D1 Honeycomb Working Panel Set
  • 2x xTool D1 Risers Set
  • 1x xTool D1 Air Assist Set
  • 1x xTool D1 Rotary Attachment 2 Pro - RA2 Pro
  • 1x xTool D1 10W - Higher Accuracy Diode DIY Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine
  • 1x xTool Laser Material Pack

Best Downsized Industrial High Power Laser Engraver & Cutter for business starters / hobbyists / designers / artists / home-makers / professionals.

Better technologies (industrial grade steel wheel & shaft / tension wheel / synchronous belt / Compressed light spot, etc.) makes the carving more precise and the carved works perfect. With more humanized designs, you can concentrate on your creation all the time.


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