Our history ...

Founded in 2009, SLICE3D specialises in new technologies, and more specifically in the sale and distribution of 3D printers. A pioneer in this field, our team has acquired extensive experience in 3D printing.

Since 2013, 3D printers have become increasingly popular, which is why SLICE3D has put all its energy into promoting this new technology at a price that is now affordable for companies or individual enthusiasts.

With its wealth of technical experience, the SLICE3D team is at your service to find the best possible solutions for your project, whether it's educational, professional or simply linked to the desire to enter a new industrial era. We'll do everything we can to bring this exciting challenge of 3D printing to a successful conclusion.

Our little plus

3D printers tested and approved by our technical department On-demand 3D printing service.
Audit and advice on integrating 3D printers into companies Training in 3D software and 3D printing. 

Visit us at

Our offices and showroom in Gembloux are open by appointment only. 

  • Chau. Romaine 77, 5030 Gembloux, Belgique
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  • info@slice3d.be


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