Quality After-Sales Service: Your Peace of Mind is Our Commitment

At Slice3D, our commitment to our customers goes beyond selling high quality 3D printing equipment. We also strive to ensure your peace of mind through our exceptional after-sales service. We understand the crucial importance of reliable and efficient technical support, which is why we put our dedicated team forward to meet your needs.

Warranty and Technical Support

Every purchase from Slice3D comes with a hardware warranty to protect your investment. But our commitment doesn't stop there. Our knowledgeable technical team is on hand to resolve your questions and issues, providing you with professional and responsive support at every stage of your 3D printing journey. 

Repair and Maintenance

If you need it, our repair service is there to get your 3D printer back up and running. We understand the urgency of keeping your operation running, and our experienced team will work to minimise downtime with fast, efficient repairs.

Maintenance contract for uninterrupted productivity​

For our professional customers, we offer a comprehensive maintenance contract that guarantees absolute peace of mind. This contract includes preventive maintenance every 4 months on your machine, ensuring optimum performance and continued productivity. You can rely on us to ensure that your equipment remains in perfect working order throughout its lifetime. Investing in 3D printing with Slice3D means more than just buying state-of-the-art equipment. It also means benefiting from superior after-sales service to ensure the continued success of your projects and your business. 


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